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I am a freelance artist and illustrator based in Cardigan, West Wales. I work with various local community groups and charities, using the arts as a tool for social change and improved wellbeing.

Most of my work revolves around illustration projects and commissions and delivering nature-based art and animation workshops.

Most recently, I've been involved in running nature-art and nature-writing sessions in outdoor spaces, using the therapeutic benefits of engaging in nature-based activities to improve our mental health and sense of greater wellbeing.


I also co-facilitate various different animation workshops with vulnerable young people.


First class hons degree in Fine Art Painting, University of Glouchestershire

MA in Interior Design, University of Westminster


Before moving to West Wales, I spent 10 years working in International Development and Peacebuilding, working largely in conflict affected countries.

I seek to use the power of the arts and creativity to make people see things differently, to think differently and to feel differently about situations, so that they can make changes. 


10+ years experience designing and implementing innovative and creative projects, including:


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